Louis Louis.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 in Monogram Canvas

What am I going to do with my Mega Millions win?  That's easy.  First I will buy myself the classic Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 in Monogram Canvas.

Audrey Hepburn and LV, 1965

I know, I know.  I should donate the money to needy children.  But seriously, how cute would I look giving money to needy children if I had this bag on the crook of my arm?


Happy Hunger Games!

Are you as excited for The Hunger Games as I am?  I can't seem to find anyone beyond the age of 14 that would go with me to the midnight screening (Bummer being 34 and a fan of juvenile fiction.).  Jeff, however, did agree to go with me tomorrow, but conditionally:  I had to promise that I wouldn't wear my "Team Peeta" tee shirt I made with puffy paint.  

But I might wear this necklace.

On the Mark necklace, Stella & Dot

Happy Hunger Games!


"What's up, Doc?"

Boatneck shift  dress, Old Navy
scarf, American Eagle
flats, Blowfish via DSW
sunnies, Anthropologie
Gumdrop earrings, Kate Spade

I felt so fresh and shiny before I took the kiddos to the pediatrician's office.  

Fresh and shiny doesn't last there, though.  They crank up the heat in the exam rooms so the kids are warm and toasty in their gutchies, which means I was a sweaty mess in about 2.5 seconds.  I tried to wrestle my 18 month-old into submission on the crinkly papered exam table for an hour as my crazy 6 year-old was break dancing on the floor in his underwear (which he thought was hilarious).  

I felt like I was on repeat saying, "Shhhh.  Slow your motor.  We are in a place of business.  Don't be inappropriate."

But we survived.  Lollipops for the kids... margaritas for the mom.



buttondown shirt, Anthropologie
Mended Boyfriend jeans, Eddie Bauer
boots, Aldo (circa 2009)
Nuptse vest, The North Face
Original Wayfarers, Ray-Bans

(Cute kid comment alert!)  My type-A baby boy was trying ever so hard to wipe the paint splatters off of my jeans at lunch.  Poor kid is going to be annoyed his entire life.

First day of Spring?  Ha.  I don't think so... it was only a high of 58 degrees!  Brrrrr!  I know that sounds obnoxious to those of you in the rest of the country, but we are spoiled by our 70 degree temps all winter here in AZ.  So when the mercury dips below 60 we stay indoors, bunker down and hide under the covers.

But it was zoo day for playgroup, so I had to suck it up, bundle up and face the fridged temps.  Silver lining:  At least I got one good use out of my puffy vest and boots this year.


Another morbid Friday post.

Featherweight tee, Express
Selby Skirt, StyleMint
Classic Canvas, TOMS
scarf, H&M
Original Wayfarer, Ray-Bans

My mom always made sure we always had clean underwear.  "God forbid you get in a car accident!"

I usually drive Noah to the bus stop in my PJ's, but it was a Dunkin' Donuts morning for me.  And even though I was just going through the drive-thru, I can hear Mom's famous words ringing in my ear.  God forbid I do get in an accident.  I wouldn't want to be lying in a ditch in my PJ's!

I know this isn't the most glamourous look, but at least I could be caught dead in it.  On that note, have a great weekend, everyone! 


Crappy photography.

Pinstripe dress, Anthropologie (circa 2010)
Intyce boots, Steve Madden
Initial necklace, Anthropologie
Decker watch, Fossil
Sephora lipstick in "It girl"

Got all dolled up tonight for our playgroup's MNO (Moms' Night Out).  It was so nice to catch up with the girls and meet a few new girls over some blood orange margaritas.

I want to start taking more outfit pics, but clearly I need some more practice with the self timer.  It took me 400 pictures to get this one.  And I didn't even get my feet.  I would ask Jeff to snap a few pics, but God bless him, he's the world's worst photographer.  (Love ya, Dude!)  Maybe I can train Noah... or even little Max.  Until then, it's me and the tripod, and crappy photos.    

This shot was the runner up.  There were about 300 of these.


Bargain basement prices!

Ah, the scent of rubber flip flops imported from China is in the air.  That's right, girls... it's Springtime at Old Navy.

Now, I like mahself a good deal.  But, seriously (snob alert), am I the only one who feels like she's slummin' it at Old Navy?  The crying babies, the crappy plastic hangers, the orange "clearance" stickers... I feel like I'm in the Bargain Barn as my internal Michele Weinberger says, "I'd like to go... away."

Michele Weinberger
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Too harsh?  Maybe.  But I do go back. I always go back.  You just can't beat those rock bottom prices.    

Perfect Rib-Knit Tank
Denim Retro-Flare Sailor Pants
Printed Infinity Scarf
total: $41.94

Ruffled Linen-Blend Dress

Pintuck Sleeveless blouse
Colored Canvas Shorts
Striped Canvas Tote
total: $64.82

Smocked Button-Front Denim skirt
Ruffled button-Front Drawstring blouse
total: $49.88



AZ has 350 sunny days a year.  Annoying, right?  But with these baby blues, sunnies aren't just an accessory; they are a necessary fixture on my face.

Here are my latest craves:
Taylor, Elizabeth and James

Retro-Inspired Full Rim, Karen Walker

The Beach:
Phoenix, The Hundreds

Migraine prevention can be tre chic.



Vappu Dress, Anthropologie 2010

What piece in your closet would you rescue if your house was on fire?  I know, right... such happy thoughts for a Friday.  


The LBD.

When Jeff said that I have a work event of his to attend next week, I couldn't help but squeal in delight.  Not because I'm proud that he is being honored, but because it gives me an excuse to get a new dress.

But I just couldn't justify a new outfit when the dress code is "Business Dress."  Translation:  Something boring that I will never wear again.  So I decided to remix my favorite LBD.  Look at me being economical!  No worries, I won't make that a habit.

The LBD.  The little black dress... as versatile as a wife, mom and playgroup leader.  One dress, many wears.  One girl, many hats.

Trophy Wife:
No, this work dinner isn't a bore.  (Appear interested.  Smile!)
Noon and Night Dress, Anthropologie
Belle Bow belt, Anthropologie
Fragments Crystal Bib Necklace, Neiman Marcus
Sparkle Spade Bow clutch, kate spade
Elise, Indigo by Clarks

Country Girl: 
So down to earth.
layer it.
Noon and Night Dress, Anthropologie
Embroidered Eyelet Buttondown, Anthropologie
Calico Corn necklace, Anthropologie
Decker watch, Fossil
Intyce in Cognac, Steve Madden

If I only had a passport, I would wear this sightseeing in Paris.
Noon and Night Dress, Anthropologie
Taylor sunnies, Elizabeth and James
Amrina Bay necklace, kate spade
All Aboard silk scarf, kate spade
En Point Flats, Anthropologie


"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

"Come here, Loverboy..."

Tie-front Blouse, Anthropologie

Pintuck Sleeveless Tops, Old Navy

Denim Bermudas, Old Navy

Classic Canvas, TOMS

An homage to Frances "Baby" Houseman.


MK & A.

"What ever happened to predictability..."

Selby Skirt, StyleMint

Noah, Max and I watch Full House every afternoon together.  Inspired by Michelle Tanner's 90's ruffled bobby socks, I decided to take the plunge and make my first purchase with Mary-Kate and Ashley's StyleMint.  Loving the hi-lo hemline; kind of reminds me of Uncle Jessie's mullet in season 1.

PS  I used the promo code MYP30 for 30% off of my first purchase.  Score!


Bubble gum.

Gumdrop Earrings, kate spade

I just couldn't walk out of the store without these hot pink neon gumdrops.  Delicious.  


Shopping my closet.

OOTD (outfit of the day):
Featherweight tee, Express
Drawing Parallels skirt, Anthropologie
Classic Canvas, TOMS
Little Bit Mini Bag, Anthropologie
Decker watch, Fossil

I tend to go a little bananas shopping in the Spring (as evidenced by my last few posts regarding my recent trips to Anthropologie).  But when you wear summer clothes twelve months out of the year, things in your closet start looking pretty stale.  I told myself that I need to start shopping my closet.  Time to get creative and remix the pieces I already have.  I'm using this blog as my way to hold myself accountable.  

I "bought" this outfit for tomorrow's jaunt up to Scottsdale.  So... since this outfit was free, is it justifiable to buy three new skirts tomorrow?  I think so too.

Peace. Love. Bells.

Outfit inspiration:
Linen Extreme Flare, Free People

I just love these linen bells, but they are a bit peace-lovin', bongo-playin', patchouli-wearin' hippie.  A little too much... even for me.

This is my grown-up playgroup appropriate version:      

Wide Leg Chambray Trousers, Anthropologie
Graphic tee, Old Navy
Original Wayfarers, Ray-Ban
Poppy Dream C Signature Ponytail scarf, Coach
Norma Heels, Anthropologie
Crown ID Friendship Bracelet, Juicy Couture

Peace.  Love.  Designer accessories.



Queen Bee:
Zooey Deschanel
in the Grass Court Dress, Anthropologie

Sometimes I succumb to the peer pressure of Zooey Deschanel and Anthropologie.  Sometimes I think I might be 14 because I want to dress like the popular girl.

I think Zooey is mad at me.