Little bit mini.

Mason Crew tee, Gap
Pintuck skirt, Loft
belt, Anthropologie
T-strap wedges, Clarks
Decker Plaited Stainless Steel watch, Fossil
 sunnies, Anthropologie

My mom and dad got a sewing machine for me and it has paid for itself with all of the alterations I make on my clothes.  Pants and shorts inevitably need taken in at the waist.  And because I am 5' 2" on a good day, I need to shorten all of my skirts in order to avoid looking Amish.

I loved this skirt from Loft, but it was way too long for me.  The pin tucks scared me, so I took it to my seamstress.  She chopped off about five inches and now it's perfect.  I just wish I would have asked her to put in some side pockets with all that leftover fabric.



Mossimo top, Target
Marissa Cotton Twill shorts, Loft
T-Strap wedges, Clarks
Little Bit Mini bag, Anthropologie
Original Wayfarer sunnies, Ray Bans
Whistle Charm necklace, Anthropologie
Decker watch, Fossil
Charm bracelet, Juicy Couture

I realized the last two outfit posts were simple white tops and jeans.  Translation: boring.  So here is a nice obnoxious color and pattern combo for ya.  

No worries, girls.  There is more where that came from.  I just got a pair of electric blue capris.



Cuentos Del Mar tunic, Anthropologie
J Brand Bette jeans, Anthropologie
earrings, Aldo
bag, Aldo
bracelet, Forever 21
kid, Max
My evening (and my sanity) in fragments:
Girls' night out.
Husband home late.
Fix baby's supper.
Three minute shower.
Ask for outfit pics.
Six-year-old photographer.
Baby photo bombing.
Validation from sister about needing time to myself.
Can't find a parking spot.
Eat my weight in chips and table side made salsa.
Laugh with new and old friends.
Sanity restored.



top, Anthropologie
Denim bermudas, Old Navy
Classic Canvas, TOMS
sunnies, Anthropologie

I officially changed over my closet to Summer.  As I sifted through my clothes, I realized how much of my wardrobe I don't wear.  I feel like my favorite three outfits are on repeat.  So in an effort to "shop my closet" I decided to bring some oldies, but goodies, back into the rotation.  

Honestly, I think it might have been Labor Day of 2009 the last time I wore this top.  Yikes.  Time to rotate. 


Work it out.

Double Strap Headband, Lucy
Spin Fusion Racerback (with detail), Lucy
Nike Pro Victory Compression sports bra, Nike
Shimano Women's WR31 Road Shoe, Bike Nashbar
Spin Fusion Short, Lucy
Livestrong Pro sports bra, Nike
Nike+ Sportband, Nike
Reebok CrossFit Flex Nano, Reebok

Finally!  There is workout gear exclusively designed for indoor cycling.  Thank you, Lucy for your new Spin Fusion line!  After four months of sitting on my tukas, per my doctor's orders, I am cleared for exercise.  I only did ten minutes on the bike at a moderate pace with flat road tension; honestly, it felt like I ran a marathon.  My endurance is at an all time low... but you have to start somewhere.  Hoping to get eleven minutes in today.  Go me!

I also want to get back into lifting.  I talked to the girl over at a CrossFit gym and will start with a program that is paired down by 60% until my endurance and strength is improved.  I cannot wait for RDL's!  (*Clearly I am joking, Amie!) 

In no time, I will be back to my bad ass self.


Girl math.

Yet another sun dress on my wish list.  I love a classic shift and the modern print of this dress.  And because the sash is removable, it's like a blank canvas each wear.  Versatility: another word for "girl math."

"Ladies who Lunch"
Dessau Dress, Anthropologie
Bryce Short necklace, kate spade
Spade to Spade mini stud earrings, kate spade
Francca sunnies, kate spade
Brette tote, kate spade
Riika Heels, Anthropologie

"To market, to market..."
(swap the sash for a brown belt)
Dessau Dress, Anthropologie
brown leather belt, Riccardo Forconi
PS1 Mini Messenger, Proenza Schouler Melissa sandal, Breckelle


Suit up.

Xilaration bandeau bikini swim tops, Target
Sara Blakely high waist bikini bottoms, Target
gumdrop earings, Kate Spade
charm bracelet, Juicy Couture

In my attempt to throw self-consciousness out the window, I have been looking to find a bikini for this season.  I love the retro feel to a high waist style, but most of what I like are in the $200 range.  I'm not sure I'll even look good in one (since I'm pretty short waisted), so to shell out 200 bucks, I better love it.

I was perusing the Target racks and stumbled upon a bikini bottom from Spanx creator, Sara Blakely's line, Assets.  It holds my tummy in and there is no muffin toppage.  I tossed a few Xilaration bandeau tops in to mix and match and scored a retro high waist bikini set for under $50.

Time for poolside margaritas.  "Oh, Cabana Boy..."


Zack Attack.

Indeed, I am still using my Zack Morris phone.

The phone call that changed Derek Morris.
"I can't make it.  I'm going fishing... with my son.

Until today.  Hello, beautiful!

All in a Day's Work iPhone 4 case, Kate Spade


Sweaty Betty.

It's only April and I'm already complaining about the heat.  90% of my outfit options March through November look a little something like this:

Cotton sleeveless blouse.
Wedgie sandals.

Staple of Summer shorts, Anthropologie
Flared Ancora blouse, Anthropologie
T-strap wedge sandals, Clarks

The other 3 months I add a cardigan.

Abuzz cardi, Anthropologie (circa 2010)

Goodbye, denim.  Until November.


Occupation: Homemaker

Spiraea Shirtdress, Anthropologie
Sweet Zinnia stud earrings, kate spade
Sailor's Knot Hinge bangle, kate spade
Rosaleen, kate spade
Turquoise Kitten Heels, Butter

I hate this question:  "What do you do?"

Answer:  "I'm a stay-at-home mom."  (Insert uncomfortable "Now what do we talk about" silence because apparently by being out of the work-force, I am neither interesting to talk to, nor can I handle any discussion beyond the addition of the newest member of the Wiggles.)  

But, yes, I'm just a Homemaker.  And, yes, I run the sweeper in kitten heels while tending to my dear children and husband.

Now, Darling, fetch me my bon bons?


Goody two shoes.

Flux Wedges, Anthropologie

They're on sale!  I'm just sayin'...



top, Urban Outfitters
skirt, Anthropologie
sandals, Clarks
sunnies, Brighton


 I know what you're thinking... "Why is she wearing white?  She is a mom with two little boys!"

That's right.  I live life on the edge.
The single greatest invention.


A blessed Easter morning.

Stamped Dot dress, Anthropologie
Bow belt, Anthropologie
Bubble necklace, Francesca's
Bryleigh wedges, b.o.c. via DSW  

Ah, Easter morning.  The birds are singing.  The good china is set for a lovely Easter spread of homemade bread, eggs and fruit.  The children skip to church dressed in their Sunday best.  (Insert record scratch sound effect.)      

Not at my house.

It's rush the kids through their Easter baskets because we're already late, scarf down a handful of cereal, hog wrestle the kids into Easter outfits, then drag them to church while giving a stern, "God sees all."  Sigh.  Sometimes you have to let the hungry and poor fend for themselves and pray for patience for a solid hour at church.  

An open letter to the hungry and poor:
I'll getcha next week.


Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

How awesome are these lime green Sperry's?
Top-sider Halyard Lace boat shoes,  Sperry

It's just too bad they're for 6 year-old boys.  

These are the Mommy size.  But no lime green.  Sad face.


Olives make me gag.

Ping Pong blouse, Anthropologie
J Brand Bette jeans, Anthropologie
itty bitty silver locket (*Love, Jeff)
Silver Heart tag bracelet, Tiffany & Co.
Silver Ball bracelet, Tiffany & Co. (*Thanks, Abby!)

These are not olives on my shirt.  Literally my gag reflex is triggered at the thought of eating an olive.  But I like playing ping pong.  That doesn't make me gag.  

And thus concludes my random thought of the day.    


Wanna play?

blouse, Old Navy
J Brand Bette jeans, Anthropologie
belt [snagged from Dorothy shorts], Anthropologie
Lexi Elm sandals, Clarks
sunnies, Anthropologie
bangle, Aldo 

Join 'em.

*Photographed by Noah B.


Degrees and decades.

Stitchery Peasant blouse, Anthropologie
J Brand Bette jeans, Anthropologie
sunnies, Karen Walker
saddlebag, Anthropologie
Leoma bangles, Chico's
clogs, Anthropologie

Summer temps are on their way to the Arizona desert.  (Groan.)  In honor of today being our last day around the 70 degree mark, I wore a little 1970's inspired outfit.  I didn't get a chance to get an outfit pic before I changed back into my sweats, so you have to use your imagination, kids.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 84 degrees.  I will be crimping my hair and wearing blue eye shadow.