I thought not shopping for over two months might give me some sense of clarity.  Shop from my closet.  Work with what I got.

Then one afternoon I went into my Anthropologie.  Clarity gone.  Went bonkers.  Dressing room filled to the brim.

Cerise Stamped Dress (petite)
Belle Bow Belts
Ah, the perfect little Sunday sundress.  My mom demanded I get the yellow belt the dress form was wearing.  No way would I sass back to my mom, so... ok, yellow belt.  But I knew I would be perserverating on the black as well, so... ok, black belt too.  After all, a girl needs options.  

Four Corner Shirtdress
I have been drooling over Summer shirtdresses since watching Emma Stone in The Help.   Love the of the moment hi-lo hem and bright coral of this dress.  I had to size down because of the bust.  Ego boost canceled out by and ego bust (pun intended). 

Ping-Pong Tank
I have had my eye on this darling little ping-pong print blouse, and lemme tell ya, (said a la Oprah) looooove!  The online reviews were mixed.  Some girls said it was too tent-like because they had bigger chests, or it was too cropped.  I knew being flat chested and short waisted would come in handy someday.    

Darlene Dobby Skirt
What can I say, I'm a sucker for a summer skirt.  And in my favorite color of the moment, orangey orange.

Now it's easier to shop from my closet and work with what I got.  Clarity.



Popsicle weather.

Outfit inspiration:

My BFF, Sara, introduced me to Mighty Minis Popsicles when our now 6 year-olds were just babies.  And because they are slow melting, they buy you a few extra minutes of peace and quiet.  I just hope they invent non-sticky Popsicles next.

Too Much Fun dress, Modcloth
Charm bracelet, Juicy Couture
Joanne sandals, Bass
Gumdrop earrings, kate spade

It's February and 76 degrees here today.  Perfect Popsicle weather.  I need this sweet little sun dress to go with my Popsicle, don't you agree?


Leggings are pants.

Chambray buttondown, J. Crew
leggings, The Limited
Immeasureable Marks Loop scarf, Anthropologie
Intyce boots, Steve Madden
Original Wayfarers, Ray-Ban

On the mend.  I am seven weeks post-op and am able to get out of the Lazy Boy and actually get into "real" clothes.  That is if you consider leggings "real" pants.  And I do.  Still rocking the doctor-issued compression garment for another week or so.  Ok, let's be honest here, girls... it's a girdle.  It sucks, literally.  But at least I can get out of my PJ's once in a while and feel human again.  

So the the question plaguing me now is:  How many outfits can I put together with leggings?


Packing List: So Cal wedding weekend edition

Outfit 1:
Drop Waist dress, Anthropologie
Idiom bangle, kate spade
Leoma bangles, Chico's
Leoma necklace, Chico's
Chardae earrings, Chico's
Elise, Indigo by Clarks
black opaque tights, Hue

Holy awkward.  My first attempt at an outfit pic.  I am really digging the Beverly Hills Hotel-esque wallpaper.

Outfit 2:
The Wedding
Sumana dress, Anthropologie
Leoma bangles, Chico's
Envelope clutch, Aldo (similar)
Chardae earrings, Chico's
Fiddle Bridge sandals, Indigo by Clarks
Leoma Pendant necklace, Chico's

This is my fake walking up the stairs pose.  Tyra would call it "fierce."  I call it my "senior picture" pose.  I just hope I ordered enough wallet pics for my friends.



In honor of George Washington chopping down that cherry tree, how about some cherry red lips today!

Maybelline Color Sensational in Very Cherry #635

Then add this darling little ensemble.

Pull Up a Cherry Dress, Modcloth
Green Bow Pointelle Cardigan, Dorothy Perkins
A Trip to Bountiful Cherry Bracelet, Juicy Couture
Camila Black Leather Ballet Flats, TOMS

Finish the day with Mom's cherry pie... yum!  

Happy Presidents Day!


So Cal

Black and white striped tee, Gap
leggings, The Limited
Classic Canvas in red, TOMS
Anorak jacket, Eddie Bauer
snood, Old Navy
Wayfarer, Ray-Ban 

Sipping Starbucks oceanside.  Not a bad Friday afternoon here in So Cal.


76 Trombones.

New Romantics Color Me Bad Dress, Free People


However, I fear here in Southern AZ, this look might say, "I just marched in a diversity parade."  Sigh.



Outfit inspiration:

Immense Eyelet blouse, Anthropologie
Jones Wide-legs, Anthropologie
Marina Bay long necklace, kate spade
Painted Cycles tote, Anthropologie
Peep-toe wedges, Anthropologie

Of all the things my Kindergartener is learning in school this year, he is the most proud of learning how to whistle, snap his fingers and ride a bike.

You know, life skills.



Pucker up!
Andy Warhol

I say ditch the Hallmark store, and give your makeup case a treat today with a new lipstick.  It lasts longer than flowers and unlike chocolate, it's zero calories.

Rouge Cream Lipstick, Sephora Collection

My two new colors:
(warm pinkish beige)

(deep brick red)

Happy Valentine's Day!  
Love, Mollie



Annie locket, vintage

Polite and Day Dress, Modcloth

I still have my Annie locket and even though I know it's just costume, I treasure it more than some of my "good" jewelry.  It just so happens I found the perfect thing to wear with it.  What a fun and kitchy little dress!  Don't worry; I promise not to pair it with a red curly wig.


The Classics.

Broadway T Dress, StyleMint
Original Wayfarer, Ray-Ban
All Star, Converse
Legacy Shoulder bag, Anthropologie 

I love to play with the hot minute trends.  But it's nice to know there are pieces in my closet that will last more than just one season.

Print Shop.

Trend alert for Spring:  Printed pants!

How bold are you?
Step 1:
Prepster Print
(center) Starling Trousers
(clockwise from top) Slubby Scoopneck
Washed Chambray Buttondown
Okayama Peasant Top
Emanating Rays Boatneck
Immense Eyelet Blouse
Muted Shade buttondown

Step 2:
Sweet Print
(right) Citizens of Humanity Floral Thompson, Neutral
(top down) Washed Chambray Buttondown
Dotline Boatneck
Nicoleta Blouse
Muted Shade Buttondown

Step 3:
Bold Print
(left) Current/Elliott Stiletto Crops
(top down) Muted Shade Buttondown
Stitchery Peasant Blouse, circa 2011
Emanating Rays Boatneck

Step 4:
I'm wearing printed pants!
(center) Citizens of Humanity Floral Thompson, Blue
(clockwise from top) Bobbi Pullover
Grosgrain Trimmed Buttondown
Okayama Peasant Top
Greta Pullover
Muted Shade Buttondown
Cuentos Del Mar tunic

Lindsay Lohan
 in Citizens of Humanity Floral Thompson



Chunky Gold Bracelet, Bloom
Confession:  I am a copycat.

I started this blog because I wanted a way to share my own spin on fashion.  (I sure hope all three of you that read this are enjoying it.)  I am inspired by all the style blogs out there and I especially love reading Kendi's.  She just opened a boutique and now I can get my hands on this same bracelet that she has!

That doesn't make me a creeper at all.


Goody goody gumdrops.

Gumdrop earrings, kate spade

Hmmm.  I think I need a new outfit to go with my new earrings.   

Gumdrop Earrings, kate spade
Leoma Bangles, Chico's
Ping-Pong Tank, Anthropologie
Level 99 Jones Wide-Legs, Anthropologie
Distressed Leather Ballet Flat, Tory Burch
How cute is the back of this blouse?  Love.


Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Nail polish inspiration:
In the words of Vikki Gunvalson, "WOO HOO!"  It's premiere night for the RHOOC!  The original classy bunch of housewives return for a 7th season to promote the excessive use of Botox and their horrendous style.

Speaking of horrendous style, I decided to share my favorite picks from the girls' own fashion lines:

First up, is Alexis Bellino.  She has a wide range of price points, so even the gal on a budget can look like an OC Housewife.  Thanks, Alexis!  Always thinking of the poor.  Just like Jesus.
Disguise your Botox bruises
with this bedazzled trucker hat.
Alexis "Diamond" Trucker Hat, Glitzy Bella

Look, Ma!  No bra!
Paparazzi Love It dress, Alexis Couture

Gretchen Rossi is a Jill of all trades.  She dabbles in make-up, hair care, handbags and Auto-Tune.  She is what I call a true Renaissance women.

You can wear these to playgroup.
GC Celebrity Eyelashes

You know what they say,
"The higher the hair..."
HBL Volumizing Package

Dammit!  I missed my chance to own this clutch.  
I really wanted that GCC medallion to show off.
Del Rey Leather Clutch, Gretchen Christine Collection

She sings like a Greek Siren.
Nothing Without You, Gretchen Rossi
Available on itunes

Want a Love Cuff?  Lynne Curtin Designs offers gaudy overpriced OC jewelry.  I have no words.  Lynne also designs doggie accessories, men's leather goods, and (wait for it)... bedding.  Honestly, no words.

"Cuff your Love..."
The Charity, Lynne Curtin Designs.

Thank goodness Lynne designed a similar 
clutch like Gretchen's (above).
Phew!  That was a close one.
Infinity Clutch, Lynne Curtin Designs

Cheers to another Juvaderm-filled season.  "WOO HOO!"



Shiloh Silk Peasant blouse, Anthropologie
J Brand Bette jeans, Anthropologie
Bent Rays Hoops, Anthropologie
Riika Heels, Anthropologie
What is with my obsession with peasant tops?  Well, for one I think they look so chic with chunky heels and retro flares.  Or maybe it's because they are flowy so I don't have to suck in my stomach.  Tip: Wear a peasant top to your next trip to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

(And you thought you wouldn't learn anything from this blog.  Pish-posh.)


"Porter couldn't come down to Tea today. Buried himself, had to. Don't you know."

Drop Waist Mini dress, Anthropologie
Boyfriend blazer, Anthropologie (similar)
Intyce boots in Cognac, Steve Madden
Be Mine mini heart studs, kate spade
Idiom bangle, kate, spade
Leoma bangles, Chico's
Charm necklace, Anthropologie (similar)
Holly, my BFF from 4th grade, and I would always use British accents when we would be out in public.  Who knows.  We were 10.  I caught up with her and her sister this Summer and we fell on the floor laughing when we discussed "Porter" and why he couldn't come down to Tea.  Who the heck is Porter and what does any of that mean?  Not a clue.  But we could say it fast with fabulous accents.  Still can.  

Meeting a few girlfriends for High Tea today.  I wonder if Porter will be there...

*OOTD:  That's style blog lingo for "Outfit of the Day."  I feel so ligit.


Hungry Hungry Hippos

Orange Hippo Face Stud earrings, Betsey Johnson
How fun are these earrings?!  Oh, my little lobes would love tiara wearing hippos.

Have a happy day!


S#!t girls say when shopping...

3" Chino shorts, J. Crew
Taylor sunglasses, Elizabeth and James
Great Outdoors Buttondown (bicycle print), Anthropologie
Riika Heels, Anthropologie

"This is cute."  
"OMG.  That is cute."
"Ugh.  I need a cookie break."
"I hate fluorescent lights."
"I'm never eating again."
"Let's split a Cinnibon."
"This outfit would be perfect for shopping."
"Of course I like everything that's not on sale."
"Maybe with a different bra?"
"My butt looks awesome in this!"
"My butt looks huge in this!"
"Can I wear that to playgroup?"  (Wink.)


Now and Then.

Outfit inspiration:
The young cast of Now and Then
(*Source: IMDB)
Who didn't want to live this movie as a young girl?  Except for the whole getting stuck in the storm sewer thing, of course.  Ew.  That was then.  Now, my own mother makes fun of me, calling me Sam's Grandma (played by the hilarious Cloris Leachman) when I sweep the crumbs up while my kids are still eating.

What?  I hate crumbs.  And my kids are messy.

Now, I need this top!  Love the fly-away back with the tie details.  Definitely on my wish list.
Kimberly Boatneck, Anthropologie  
Now (Spring):
J Brand Bette jeans, Anthropologie
Buckled Peep-Toe Wedges, Anthropologie
Then (Summer):
Denim Roll-up bermudas, Old Navy
Frye "Wendy" Tassel Moccasin, Nordstrom
I think young Sam would wear this to ride her banana seat bike around town and perseverate on Dear Johnny.