Bargain basement prices!

Ah, the scent of rubber flip flops imported from China is in the air.  That's right, girls... it's Springtime at Old Navy.

Now, I like mahself a good deal.  But, seriously (snob alert), am I the only one who feels like she's slummin' it at Old Navy?  The crying babies, the crappy plastic hangers, the orange "clearance" stickers... I feel like I'm in the Bargain Barn as my internal Michele Weinberger says, "I'd like to go... away."

Michele Weinberger
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Too harsh?  Maybe.  But I do go back. I always go back.  You just can't beat those rock bottom prices.    

Perfect Rib-Knit Tank
Denim Retro-Flare Sailor Pants
Printed Infinity Scarf
total: $41.94

Ruffled Linen-Blend Dress

Pintuck Sleeveless blouse
Colored Canvas Shorts
Striped Canvas Tote
total: $64.82

Smocked Button-Front Denim skirt
Ruffled button-Front Drawstring blouse
total: $49.88

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  1. You paid a whole dollar for that? I love the polka dot!