There's something about lipstick.

I love this new lip color for summer.  MAC calls the color "Saint Germain."  I call it "Magda."

There's Something About Mary
*Image courtesy of rotten tomatoes.com


Greetings from Tucson, Arizona

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I'm back!

We had a nice long trip vacationing in California.  We took the kids to Legoland, then planted ourselves on the beach for a week.  And even though we were gone for twelve days, it just wasn't long enough... but then again, when is vacation ever long enough? 

And so, I'm back.  Back to reality.

Only four hours after we pull into the driveway and tuck the boys into bed, Mr. Noah barges into our room declaring, "I'm siiiiiiiiiiick."  Fast forward one day and little Max wakes up with a fever.

Yes, Mollie.  Vacation is over.



*Image courtesy of Malibu International Marathon

I am hereby retiring my official slogan... "I hate running."  

I'm turning 35 on November 11, and on that day, I'm registered to run the Malibu Half Marathon.  Yikes!  What am I thinking?!  I hate running.  (Whoops.  Old habits die hard.) 

Well, at least I have a valid excuse to shop for cute new running outfits.

*Image courtesy of lululemon.com


[Featured Guest: Abby] Haus.

Cool Racerback tank, Lululemon
Astro Wunder Under crops, Lululemon
Nike LunarGlide run shoes
Original Wayferer sunnies, Ray Bans

Silver Bullet Sleeveless Tech tank, Lululemon
Tempo Track run shorts, Nike
Reebok RealFlex Transition training shoes

Like any good little cult member, I have recruited my sister, Abby for CrossFit.  Now, I know she is an athlete.  She practices hot yoga regularly and has run the Malibu Half Marathon.  But I discovered something more to her this week.  My baby sister is a freaking haus.

She had never touched a barbell in her life, yet totally schooled me maxing out at 93 pounds for her push press on day three.  Meanwhile, I have been weightlifting since high school, yet maxed out at only 83 pounds.  Like I said, she's a haus!

Abb and Mom made a haul to our itty bitty Lululemon Showroom (*We need a proper store here, Lulu!) and picked up these cute tanks for us.  The way I see it, if we are going to get ridiculously sweaty, we might as well look hot.



Striped Trapeze tank, Forever 21
Marissa Cotton Twill shorts, Loft
flips, Reef
Initial Charm necklace, Anthropologie
Original Wayfarer sunnies, Ray Bans 

My favorite little photo bomber, Max.

I'm wondering where those Lazy Days of Summer went.  It started out lazy.  Waking up in the 8 or even 9 o'clock hour.  Lounging in our PJ's all day.  Running through the sprinkler in the afternoon.  Hotdogs on the patio for supper.

But somehow lazy has turned into crazy.  Between camp in the mornings, CrossFit in the evenings, and who knows what in between, my date book is getting way too much action for Summer Vacation.  

But I'm dedicated to getting back to lazy and simplifying things, starting with my outfit.  A breezy tank and shorts.  Simple as that.  


The Church Lady.

Crochet Tank Top, Eddie Bauer
Veronica Ikat Printed shorts, Lucky Brand Jeans
Candid sandals, Dr. Scholl's via DSW
earrings, Anthropologie
Idiom bangle, Kate Spade
Initial Charms necklace, Stella & Dot
Original Wayfarer sunnies, Ray Bans
Sephora lipstick in "It Girl"

Sunday's fashion question of the day:
How can I get away with wearing as few clothes as possible without being completely inappropriate for church?


Summer camp.

Kanoko Striped tank, Anthropologie
1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jean shorts, The Gap
flips, Reef
Gumdrop earrings, Kate Spade
Say yes "Cheers" necklace, Kate Spade 

I spent the Summer between college graduation and grad school as a camp counselor at an all girls camp in New Hampshire.  It was the typical camp experience with archery, campfire songs, Color Wars, pilfering the campers' candy stash.  You know, campy stuff.  

It was a really memorable Summer and I would love to give my kids that traditional New England camp experience someday.  But for now we'll stick to the little day camp right down the street.  There may not be canoeing or campouts, but even cooler there is Lego Robotics class and Jr. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Mania.

Hmmm... Is anyone else hungry for a fluffernutter sandwich and kool-aid?


Book report.

"I blush."
-Anastasia Steele

Tulip Apron skirt, Anthropologie
Cotton tank, Loft
Beaded single strand necklace, Francesca's
T-strap wedges, Clarks 

How sweet of my my mom to invite me to her Book Club.  Today's discussion:  Fifty Shades of Grey.


You heard right... my good-Catholic-girl, church-every-Sunday mom GAVE ME the books to read!  I kinda wanted to read it to see what all the hype was about.  I like to know what's going on in pop culture.  And who wouldn't say, "no" to this year's salacious Summer read.  However, frankly, I would re-name it Fifty Shades of Overrated

 Little Miss Party Planner, my mom, always gives favors.
Gray m&m's and silver gum (eh-hem) balls.


The white outfit vs. spaghetti.

Streaked Horizons tank, Anthropologie
Patch Pocket Cotton Poplin shorts, Loft
Pieced Prism necklace, Anthropologie
Idiom bangle, Kate Spade
Modiste-Summer Madness wedges, Sketchers
Key-per Satchel in "Retro" print, Fossil

Feeling really good about how my arms are looking after only eight CrossFit classes.
It might just be the angle.  It might just be the Instagram filter.  
But considering I've done literally close to 500 push-ups in the past two weeks, 
I'm going to say, "Yay me!"

Went out for date night with my fella this weekend.  After dinner we stopped by the pub for a pint... and played with our iPhones.  Hopeless romantics.  

I decided to pair white on white and highlight my new favorite necklace.  Of course I wanted Italian food and didn't think to throw my Tide to go stick in my purse.  Yikes.  But I am happy to report my outfit escaped unscathed.


Friday Afternoon Margarita Club

Lace Trails tank, Anthropologie
Marissa Cotton Twill shorts, Loft
Pieced Prism necklace, Anthropologie
Modiste-Summer Madness wedges, Sketchers
Idiom bangle, Kate Spade
Key-per Satchel in "Retro" print, Fossil
Original Wayfarer sunnies, Ray Bans

"Is that girl wearing pants?"

 Hmmm.  Decisions decisions...

It doesn't get any better than margaritas with your girlfriend on a Friday afternoon.  Unless you toss in some shopping at Anthro sans kiddos.  Ahhhh, bliss.

All are welcome to the Friday Afternoon Margarita Club.  We meet Friday afternoons.  We drink margaritas.  It's just that complicated.



Nerds make the best husbands.

What does a degree in Engineering get you?  The knowledge to read and write html.
What does marrying an Engineer get you?  A cool Instagram button for your blog.

Check me out! ------->

Yay me!

Winding Rope tank, Anthropologie
(cute little button courtesy of the Bud to Bloom dress, Anthropologie)
Smocked Button-front Denim skirt, Old Navy
Embossed Gladiator sandals, Steve Madden
Itty bitty bow earrings, Anthropologie
Silver Heart Tag bracelet, Tiffany & Co.
Original Wayfarer sunnies, Ray Bans
Maybelline lipstick in "Eternal Rose" 

I'm not sure if gladiator sandals are still considered en vogue.  
But I'm going to go out on a limb and say, yes.  They are.

Obligatory look-at-your-shoes-blogger pose.
That's what the popular girls do.

Someone told me to own my blog voice, and quit all the self-deprecating talk.  And by someone, I mean my sister.  She might be my baby sister, but she's awesome at kicking my emotional ass sometimes.

I guess my sarcasm doesn't translate well via blog.  I would definitely characterize myself as a pretty confident person.  Some even might go as far as calling me a "know-it-all."  And by some, I mean my best friend.  When we first met at cheerleading clinics way back in 1998, I did not make a good first impression.  Well, the jokes on him.  He ended up marrying this little smarty pants.

My mom tells me I have a chip on my shoulder that I need to keep in check.  True.  I can be obnoxious, and unapologetic at that.  But my confidence has been a source of some amazing accomplishments in my life.  So sometimes it's good to toot your own horn.

But I'm fully aware of the fine line between self assurance and being full of oneself.  Confidence can quickly turn into cockiness.  But on the other hand, humility can also lead to devaluing oneself.  And meekness is never in style.          

So, I guess the moral of the story is this:   

I'm Mollie.  I am proud of my little blog.  And I look freaking cute today.