Outfit inspiration:
Calvin Klein, Spring 2009

Say it ain't so!  Overalls are back?

Holding Horses Overall Jumper, Anthropologie

Farmgirl Chic:
overall kinda cute
Holding Horses Overall Jumper, Anthropologie
Contrast Striped Tee, J. Crew
Colorblocked Strands Necklace, Anthropologie
Classic Canvas, TOMS
Do I fall under that fashion rule that says you can only wear one trend per lifetime?  I guess leg warmers are out too?


Dot dot dot.

Women's Printed Pullover, Old Navy
I must have seen this same top on 10 different style blogs.  Did everyone buy this sweater?  Well, it checks all my boxes:  thin, cotton, 3/4 sleeve, cute little print.  And for $24.94 (on sale now for $20!).  I mean, how can you go wrong?

PTO Meeting:
Women's Printed Pullover, Old Navy
AG Stevie ankle, Anthropologie
Gumdrop earrings, kate spade
Reva leather ballet flats, Tory Burch

Date Night:
Women's Printed Pullover, Old Navy
AG Stevie ankle, Anthropologie
Intyce boots in cognac, Steve Madden

Playgroup at the Park:
Women's Printed Pullover, Old Navy
Boyfriend jeans, Express
Classic Canvas in red, TOMS

Lunch with the Girls:
Women's Printed Pullover, Old Navy
Vince Camuto Pleated shorts, Nordstrom
Reva leather ballet flats, Tory Burch
Daisy earrings, Juicy Couture


Who are you wearing?

While waiting impatiently for the Kourtney and Kim Take New York season finale, I decided to watch the awkward interviews of E!'s live preshow for the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  

Hands down my favorite look of the night goes to Rose Byrne.  Loved her bold choice.  So playful, yet incredibly chic.

Rose Byrne in Elie Saab, 2012 SAG Awards

I have an announcement.  I have decided to go to the Prom this year.  I will be wearing Emma Stone's hot little Alexander McQueen number.  Just add a wrist corsage and I'm all set!

Prom dress inspiration:
Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen, 2012 SAG Awards
*A note to my date:  Remember your own advice, Jeff, "Nothing says 'cheap' like carnations."


What would a wizard wear?

Outfit inspiration:
Selena Gomez
Sometimes I get my fashion inspiration from 19 year-old Disney Channel Princesses.  Must be Beiber Fever.    

Outfit of the Day:
Black and White Striped tee, The Gap (Similar)
Black leggings, The Limited (Similar)
Knit Red Snood, Old Navy (Similar)
Intyce boots in Cognac, Steve Madden 


Dear Natalie,

You're so right!  You do need these...
AG Stevie Ankle in Gold, Anthropologie

...and these, and these, and these, and these, and these too.
AG Stevie Ankle jeans, Anthropologie
Wine, Blue, Bone, Sulfur Plum, Purple
I guess that means I do too.  I wouldn't want you to go shopping all by your lonesome.  What kind of friend would I be?

Breakin' the Law

Climbing Thicket pullover, Anthropologie 2010
AG Stevie jeans in white, Anthropologie
Steve Madden Intyce boots in Cognac
Fashion law states that you can't wear white after Labor day.  I beg to differ.


One for One.

Mollie's faves:
Canvas Classics in white, Canvas Classics in navy, University Red Rope Sole
Canvas Classics in Red (got 'em), Silver Glitters (got 'em)
Morroco Vegan Classics, Campus Classics Auburn U, Tyler Ramsey Hand Painted Natural Classics

TOMS.  Love the shoes.  Love the mission:  
"With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  One for One."

And now TOMS has sunnies!  Love 'em.  Want 'em.

TOMS Classic 101
Navy : White : Red
I heart my girlfriends.
*Thanks for the blog post inspiration today, Natalie!  You looked adorable today (as always), especially in your TOMS.  And thanks for "babysitting" me.  
*Sara!  You stole Natalie's shoes right off of her feet?  j/k  Thanks again for the goodies!  PS Loved your super fun orange nails!


PJ's of the Day

Outfit PJ inspiration:
Kourtney Kardashian
(Source: HelloGiggles.com)
My sister and I love Kourtney and how the E! cameras always seem to find her in her pj's... and in full hair and makeup.  She totally inspired me to do a full on pajama drawer makeover.  I ditched my old tees and sweats, and instead invested in some new pj sets in super cute prints;  leopard, polka dot, cupcakes and martinis.

PJ's of the Day:
Leopard Print Pajama Set by Insomniax, Dillard's
There's no shame in hanging out in pj's all day.  As long as you are in full hair and makeup, like me.


The Hunger Games

 Mollie's fake eyelash crush:
Elizabeth Banks as 'Effie Trinket' in Deer & Butterfly Eyelashes, Sephora
I wasn't a huge fan of the tween angst vampire trend.  I went to see the midnight release of one of the movies, but it was merely a social thing.  Wanting to get out with my girlfriends to eat popcorn and Raisinets, rather than to swoon over jailbait Bop magazine hunks.

However, I did get bit by The Hunger Games bug (by Suzanne Collins).  Breezing through the novels, counting down to the first Hollywood rendition of the books, and getting super excited over the potential for nail polish inspired by the hoop-la.  There was an OPI collection for The Muppets, so why not?

Well of course they are going to cash in on fashion conscious book worms such as myself!  I want Riveting and Smoke and Ashes.
China Glaze's Colours from the Capitol, nail polish inspired by The Hunger Games
How cute is this?!  Some Hunger Games fans over at thehob.org did their homework and connected the dots.  The 12 colors represent each of the 12 Districts and their specialties.
District 1:  Luxe and Lush  (Luxury)
District 2:  Stone Cold  (Masonry)
District 3:  Riveting  (Technology)
District 4:  Hook and Line (Fishing)
District 5:  Electrify  (Power)
District 6:  Fast Track  (Transportation)
District 7:  Mahogany Magic  (Lumber)
District 8:  Dress Me Up  (Textiles)
District 9:  Harvest Moon  (Grain)
District 10:  Foi Gras  (Livestock)
District 11:  Agro  (Agriculture)
District 12:  Smoke and Ashes  (Mining)

(Source: All things nail polish www.alllacqueredup.com, and all things Hunger Games thehob.org)

I wonder what Cinna would wear.



Lululemon Vinyasa scarf
My favorite winter accessory:  the Vinyasa scarf from Lululemon.  So cozy and relaxed.  And because there are are snaps at either end of the scarf, there are so many different ways to wear it.  Loop it, let it hang, or snuggle up.    

*Namaste, Abb!


Afternoon Pinochle

Pinochle blouse, Anthropologie
I must have tried this blouse on during three different trips to Anthropologie before deciding to commit.  Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood and would say, "Pass."  But something kept calling me back.  Maybe it was a sale.

I'm really happy with this purchase and found it to be a more versatile piece than I thought.

Look #1:  70's Chic  (Girl's Night Out)
Pinochle blouse, Anthropologie
J Brand Bette jeans, Anthropologie
Infinity charm necklace, Stella and Dot
Hammered Disc earrings, Dillard's
Bardot Spiral bangle, Stella and Dot
Norma Heels, Anthropologie

Look #2:  Modern Boho  (Shopping)
Pinochle blouse, Anthropologie
3" Chino shorts, J. Crew
Hammered Disc earrings, Dillard's
Decker Boyfriend watch, Fossil
Dandy wedge booties, Skechers

Look #3:  So Cal Hippie  (Out for Lunch)
Pinochle blouse, Anthropologie
Black leggings, The Limited (Similar)
Hammered Disc earrings, Dillard's
Intyce boots in Cognac, Steve Madden


Lipstick Jungle

My lip crushes.
I have been on a lipstick kick lately.  I guess my lips were feeling a bit blah from the nude lip trend over the past decade.  Loving all the hot pinks, corals, deep wines and cherry reds out there.  I'm so happy color is back!

I can remember Grandma putting on fresh lipstick right before supper every night.  So 50's housewife.  Love!  I think I'll dress up my lips for supper too.  Going glam for taco night.


Mr. Green Jeans

center:  AG Stevie ankle jeans, Anthropologie
clockwise:  Pocket and Some Swing tee in blue, Fluttered Hem tee,  Sailboats Boyfriend tee by Pilcro, Dotline Boatneck, Racer tank, black and white striped tee (Similar) (*The Gap),  Draped Snail tank, Washed Chambray Buttondown, Slubby Scoopneck, Every Saturday tee, Tarpan Buttondown in red motif.
Anthropologie (unless indicated *)
I have been wearing pj's for a solid 3 weeks as I recover from my surgery.  So I literally have been dreaming up outfit combos to wear when I'm back in action.  I'm obsessed with my favorite new pair of jeans.  And when I think of green as a neutral, I find I can get more creative with what to pair together.  Just call me Mr. Green Jeans!  (That reference just pin-pointed my age.)

Outfit inspiration:
Mr. Green Jeans, "Captain Kangaroo"
This is a pic my sister sent seconds after I posted this entry.  "Coincidence?"  Great style runs in the family.
Abby, in her green AG Stevies, enjoying today's blog entry. 


Factory Girl

Eye Makeup inspiration:
Edie Sedgwick, 1965 screentest
Edie Sedgwick.  Tragic "it girl" of the 60's and inspiration for the movie Factory Girl.  Like Edie, I never leave the house without a few dozen coats of jet back eyeliner and mascara.  These products are my latest raves.  
Master Drama Eye Studio eyeliner in Midnight Black, Maybelline
Eyelash Expert Tools eyelash curler, Maybelline
Benefit They're Real! mascara in jet black, Sephora
Sephora Collection Professional Heated Lash Curler, Sephora
After my face is prepped and primed, it's time for Factory eyes.

Step 1.
Line upper lids with Master Drama Eye Studio eyeliner in Midnight Black by Maybelline.  It goes on smooth like a crayon, but sets like a liquid.  Once set, it doesn't smudge and lasts forever.  You may need an act of God to wash it off your face.  Tip: I use Pampers Sensitive baby wipes to remove.  They are cheaper than eye makeup remover pads, and are plentiful in my house.  

Step 2.
Turn on Sephora Collection Professional Heated Lash Curler to start warming up while you work on your lashes.  Crimp eyelashes with your trusty drugstore eyelash curler.  

Step 3.
Apply a coat of Benefit They're Real! mascara in jet black.  I have 3 blonde eyelashes per eye and I'm obsessed with fattening them up.  Santa put this in my stocking and it is one of the best mascaras I have ever used.  So worth the $22.  Super fattening, lengthening, and lasts all day.  You never need to reapply.  (But if you do, beware of spider eyes.)

Step 4.
Use the Sephora Collection Professional Heated Lash Curler to "set" your lashes.  My lashes are straight as an arrow and I wonder how I ever lived without this new tool!  There are some tutorials and reviews on YouTube I checked out first.  Basically, you just comb your lashes through in the direction you want them to go; up and out towards the outer corner of your eyes.  The heated curler melts or softens the waxes in the mascara and then as it cools, it sets your lashes for the day in a curl.  It's magic!

There.  Now you too can look like a strung-out socialite of the 60's.

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Leoma long necklace, pendant necklace & bracelet set
Chardae earrings
Who knew?  Chico's has really cute jewelry!  I tend to associate Chico's with a different clientele than someone such as myself.  But I stopped in and went gaga over the gaudy jewelry.  Don't worry, girls.  I won't be popping my shirt collar any time soon... or will I?


Sporty Spice

Find these sassy "Mom Uniform" pieces at Nike, Lucy, Lululemon & Athleta.
Running shoes.
Yoga pants.
Tee shirt.
Ball cap. 

The essential pieces to the "Mom Uniform."  But you don't have to feel schlubby.  I like to perk up my uniform with pops of color and unexpected details.  The goal is to make it look effortless.  Like you are totally energized and balanced from that yoga class you just left.  When really you didn't have time to shower to get those pesky Cheerios out of your hair, the dog ate the baby's favorite blankie and your son just missed the bus to school.  Namaste.   

So as you put on your uniform this morning, take that minute for yourself and change it up.  Add a pop of color instead of head to toe black.  Or go bold and pair a color combo (my new fave, orange and green).   Or swap out your college hoodie for a tailored zip-up.  Choose a feminine cut rather than that old boxy tee.  Try a tennis dress or running skirt instead of shorts (your legs will look awesome!).  Braid your hair or put on a cute headband instead of a hat.  Dab some clear lip gloss on your cheeks and lips, and you are ready to take on the world... or at least library storytime.  

*My friend Jen, confessed to wearing running shoes to her playgroup this week.  It's ok, Jen.  I just hope you didn't wear them with bootcut jeans like Mrs. Ben Affleck.  


Grocery list

3" chino shorts in casablanca blue, J. Crew
Crepe Myrtle Shirtdress, Anthropologie
Fabriella T-straps, Anthropologie
Bike Lane dress, Anthropologie
Gimlet skirt in coastal stripe, J. Crew
Painted Cycles tote, Anthropologie
Taylor sunnies, Elizabeth and James
Scalloped Perimeter belt, Anthropologie
Classic Canvas in white, TOMS
Charm Magazine iPhone case, kate spade
Norma heels, Anthropologie
Tidal Stripes Maillot by Seafolly, Anthropologie
Striped Stripes dress, Anthropologie
I was making my grocery list, yet somehow ended up making this shopping list instead.  Groceries?  I mean, I'm sure there is a can of green beans in the pantry we could bust out for supper.


I'm bringing culottes back.

Nicoleta Blouse in ivory, Anthropologie
(similar belt), Anthropologie
Wind Garden Culottes, Anthropologie
These Anthropologie shorts caught my attention more than once, but I wasn't sure because they are kind of "out there."  Well, if we're being honest, they aren't shorts, they're culottes.  But I liked the quirkiness and they reminded me of something Allie Calhoun (from The Notebook) might wear.  My sister, with her commitment to honesty, made a face when I stepped out of the dressing room.  But the Black Friday extra 25% off madness got the best of me so I bought these quirky culottes and this sweet little blouse.  With a bit of defiance I said to myself, "I'm bringing culottes back."

I went to the Ritz with my sister and best friend (who is my playgroup co-leader) for dinner and a slumber party that weekend.  With a smidge of certitude, I paired my Black Friday culottes with my new blouse, navy tights, oxford heels, a belt, and finished off my look with cherry red lips.  I thought I looked pretty darn cute for our fancy dinner.  My sister agreed.  (Mini party in my head and confidence boost.)

That's right, people.  I'm bringing culottes back.


Mollie's Denim Challenge

J Brand Bette, Anthropologie
1969 legging jeans, The Gap
Boyfriend fit mended jeans, Eddie Bauer
AG Stevie ankle in green, Anthropologie
Of course jeans are my "go to" item in my closet for playgroup.  And I try to wear them as much as I can in our blip of a Winter here in AZ.  I don't have to tell you how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans.  But I think I might have had a breakthrough this year.  

The challenge:  Find the perfect pair of jeans.
The challenger:  Mollie.  
Stats:  Short legs, a Hungarian buttski, and residual gymnastics/cheerleading thighs.

High rise flares:
I love the 70's vibe and the classic, yet modern shape of J Brand's Bette.  I pulled them on and thought I was dreaming because there was no gap in the waistband.  This has never happened to me since the days of Oshkosh B'gosh and their genius elastic waist.  Lord knows I grew out of size 6x long ago, but I digress.  There was about 8 extra inches of fabric I was tripping over at the ankles.  I paid a pretty penny for these and didn't want to screw up the hem.  So after a quick trip to my tailor, voila!  Denim perfection. 

I hate "skinny jeans."  The name alone is evil and makes me want to eat chocolate cake.  And certainly no amount of duct tape was going to get my fat athletic calves and thick denim fabric squeezed into my super cute new boots.  So started my hunt for skinny jeans.  Well, look no further than the 1969 legging jean, girls.  The Gap's answer to pajama jeans.  They aren't traditional denim fabric, but more of a soft knit and oh so comf.  Yup, folks.  I am a proud owner of jeggings.

Boyfriend jeans:    
I love to pair something really feminine with schlubby boyfriend jeans because I love the juxtaposition of the two.  I decided to give Eddie Bauer a go after I struck out at every other place.  Well, kudos to Eddie Bauer on these!  I love the extra details of the patches, paint splatters and stitch work.  I had to alter these at the waist, but overall a happy purchase.

Technicolor jeans:
I really wanted to jump on the colorful jeans bandwagon this season.  They are so fun and unexpectedly easier to pair as a neutral than you think.  I so heart the AG Stevies!  And I got a smokin' deal when I found them in the Anthro sale room (plus I had my 15% birthday coupon).  Score!  I had to take the waist in with these, but they fit everywhere else perfectly.  I have been known to wear these 4 days in a row.  Don't judge me.  Tip:  Spray a bit of Downy Wrinkle Reducer on them and you will smell April fresh.

Happy shopping, girls!


Oh, Stanley

Anthropologie Sumana dress by Tanvi Kedia
Caftans are so easy breezy and chic.  And when I saw this one in the store window, I fell in love.  I imagine Mrs. Roper would love it too.
Outfit inspiration:
Mrs. Roper, "Three's Company"


"k-k-k-katie, beautiful katie..."

kate spade gumdrop stud earrings
kate spade "no sleep till brooklyn" idiom bangle
When you have to have surgery, people like to bring you treats.  Flowers, cookies, bubble bath, etc.  My people like to bring me kate spade jewelry.  I love my people!

*Thank you Mom and Abby!  I feel so sparkly in my pj's. 



Mollie, Ohio University cheerleading, circa 2000
kate spade "cheers" necklace
That guy rocking green and white polyester is now my husband.  Hoping this necklace will be mine too.  After all, Valentine's day is coming up.  Hint hint, dude.


The First Post

Brandi could wear that dress to playgroup.  But I would accessorize with a bra and undies.

Sigh.  The first post.  Every blog's gotta have one.  Just warning you, this one might be a bit incoherent.  It could be because I am on copious amounts of pain meds from having surgery last week and thought it would fun to start a blog at 9:00pm on a Tuesday night.  But here goes nothing.

I already have a blog.  It's just like all the other "family" blogs out there:  Look how cute my kids are!  Look at all the fun family trips we took!  Look how skinny I got after having a baby!  And even though all of those are quite true (except one), it just felt like such a facade.  Look at me using a 5th grade vocabulary word!

This blog is about the tough questions I face as a gal who refuses to lose her groove.  I may be a PTO volunteer and playgroup leader but that doesn't mean I want to dress the part.  Somebody throw a paper bag over my head if you ever catch me in saggy-bottomed tapered chinos, a schlubby lavender crew neck tee, washed-out hair in a scrunchie and (look away, I'm hideous)... running shoes.  You know, that lady you stood behind at Target today with her kids and forgot all about her and her forgettable look.    

I'm not a stylist.  I don't pretend to be one either.  But I have always liked playing "dress-up."  And I love to shop.  It's my vice.  We all have one.  And we all have that nagging question we ask ourselves while shopping.  Mine is, you guessed it, "Can I wear that to playgroup?"  This blog is my little project I will use to answer this burning question and more.  It's just for fun, and we will see where this goes.  In the meantime, I need to attend to the RHOBH (that's the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for those of you under that rock).