Circus circus.

Striped Tailspin tank, Madewell
Regional Embroidered Boyfriend shorts, Eddie Bauer
Initial Charms necklace, Stella & Dot
earrings, Forever 21
Original Wayfarer sunnies, Ray Bans

My sister got this tank when Madewell first opened up in Scottsdale Fashion Square.  So like the total copy cat that I am, I just had to have it!  It's patriotic, yet exudes an element of circus.

I always thought I would make a fantastic tightrope walker or trapeze artist.  After all, I was groomed to be a circus freak.

Bitty Mollie, circa 1982

High school Mollie, 1996

Hope you all had a great start to your Summer this Memorial Day weekend!  



Striped Knit dress, Old Navy
Floral Embossed belt, Lucky Brand
Classic Canvas flats, TOMS
Boyfriend watch, Fossil
itty bitty silver locket, (Love, Jeff)
earrings, Forever 21
Original Wayfarer sunnies, Ray Bans
Maybelline "Very Cherry" lipstick

Noah:  "Mom, you've got a mosquito bite on your forehead!"  
Me:  "Thanks, Sweetie.  That would be a zit.  And thank you for pointing it out."  

I'm 34.  I'm not supposed to have to order Proactiv Solution for crying out loud!

I do indeed have a mosquito bite, but that would be on the top of my foot.  So all weekend I was switching between flip flops and sandals, but everything rubbed right on my bite and it itched like crazy!  So I opted for TOMS.  But honestly, I can't wear TOMS beyond 70 degrees.  And although it was unseasonably cool, hovering around 80 today, still my feet got nice and sweaty.  

So other than the bindi on my forehead and having to dump a bottle of baby powder in my shoes, my outfit seemed to resemble a dimwitted Disney sidekick.  

That's right, people... keeping it classy here.

Outfit inspiration:


Long lost post.

blouse, Anthropologie
Raquette Culottes, Anthropologie
T-strap wedges, Clarks
bangles, Aldo
sunnies, Brighton

I wore this outfit a while ago, but for some reason this post got lost in blog purgatory.  I am in full on Spring cleaning mode after finding a Christmas decoration that I have yet to pack away.  So I thought I should clean up the blog as well as the house.  You can pretend I wore this today, but admittedly I am in my cleaning clothes...  a house dress, apron, pearls and kitten heels.


Chop chop.

Curse you, Arizona, and your 100 degree temps!  You always send me into the maelstrom of the ongoing long vs. short debate in my head.

I loved my hair super short, but I do like being able to pull my hair back into a pony tail.  I love having a "style" when it's short, but like the "styling" diversity with longer hair.

Sigh... dilemas, dilemas.

1.  Diana & Jennie's piecey bob.
2.  Gwenyth's sleek long bob.
3.  Nicole's perfect bangs.
4.  Sienna's Factory Girl pixie.
5.  Sarah's rocker chop.

What's your vote?


[Guest Blogger: Sara] Shopping is a Group Sport.

I am spreading the blog love.  My first official Guest Blogger is none other than my BFF and playgroup co-leader, Sara.  We met over six years ago at our first playgroup when our boys were just weeks old.  She is as sweet as molasses, and I don't know how I would survive this crazy ride through motherhood without her. 
Take it away, Sara...

Waist-Cinching Romper, Anthropologie
shoes, Kelly and Katie via DSW
Birdwhistle necklace, Madewell
Give a Hoot bracelet, Francesca's

Last week, I went to the Tucson Anthropologie by myself and found this totally cute romper in the sale room.  Every time I see a romper I think - that would look awful on me.  You see... I'm a tall girl.  5' 8."  Barefoot.  Add some heels and I tower over people.  Rompers are made for 4 year olds with cute little bodies - not giants.  But lately, this blog has encouraged me to take some fashion risks and step out of my box just a little bit.  So I tried it on.  It was cute, and a bargain at only $29.99, but I just couldn't convince myself to buy it.  Where would I wear it?  Would my husband make fun of me?  Is it appropriate for anyone over the age of 30 to wear this?  You know that conversation.  You've had the same one in a dressing room a hundred times.  So I left this baby behind and continued on with my day.  

The next thing I knew I was off to Girls Weekend in Scottsdale with my BFF (the writer of this blog) and her sister.  Super fun weekend with lots of dining out, lounging poolside and shopping.  Low and behold, we ended up at Anthropologie in Scottsdale.  And there it was again - the Moss Green Romper of my dreams.  So I tried it on again with the encouragement of the girls.  They loved it and now it was marked down to $19.99!  I decided it was fate and bought the romper.  I wore it out to Geisha A Go-Go for a sushi dinner with the hipsters of Scottsdale (trying not to feel self-conscious the whole time).  And you know what?  I think I pulled it off.  

As I look back on the evening, I have decided 3 things: 
1. Sometimes we need to let go of our insecurities and live a little.
2. My legs still look pretty good for a 35 year old with 2 kids. 
3. Shopping is a group sport.  Sometimes you just need a little encouragement from your girlfriends.  

So go out today and buy yourself a romper.  You'll be glad you did.
Just make sure you bring your girlfriends!



Canopy Lookout dress, Anthropologie
belt, Francesca's
Candid sandals, Dr. Scholl's via DSW
Idiom bangles, Kate Spade
Gumdrop earrings, Kate Spade

Date night with the fellas!  They boys surprised me Mother's Day morning with tickets to see Mary Poppins!  The evening was "practically perfect in every way." 


I just wish I could have worn this necklace...

Supercalifragilipstick necklace, Kate Spade
(sold out... sad face)



Fashion inspiration:
Emma Pillsbury
(and perhaps Sue Sylvester's top hat)
Glee, "Nationals"

Jeff said he thought Emma Pillsbury's dress was definitely a "Mollie dress."  He thought I may already own it.  I don't, but I can take care of that.

Japanese Floral Cameo dress, Kate Spade

Emma's is from Unique Vintage, but I rather fancy this Kate Spade version instead.  Thanks, Jeff!

PS  Check out the surprise sale from my dear friend, Kate.


Hang ten.

courtesy of Free People blog.

I want to be a surfer girl.  I don't know why, but I have been on such a surf kick lately.  Maybe it's all the Beach Boys music I have been listening to, but I want to wake up each morning, down a protein shake, wax up my board and hit the waves.  Afterwards, I'll stop by the local coffee shop for a brew and bagel.

But I got sea sick the last time I attempted surfing nine years ago in Hawaii.  And I live in the desert.  So this fantasy is just that... a fantasy.  I'll just order a few swimsuits and bleach my hair instead.

Retro bikini top and shorts, Boden USA
Vivacious bikini, Anthropologie


Knock it off.

top, Urban Outfitters
shorts, Target
flip flops, Reef
earrings, Aldo
Idiom bangles, Kate Spade (*Thanks Mom!)
sunnies, Anthropologie

Fake-out 15 second top knot.

Floral Thompson
by Citizens of Humanity jeans,  Anthropologie

As a rule, I try not to spend $185 for a pair of jeans.  And I have reservations about spending that much on a trendy floral print, especially at the start of the Summer season.  I'm not one of those crazy-ass people you see wearing jeans and a black turtleneck sweater in mid June when it's 108 degrees.  I figure those people must work at Sea World in the Penguin Encounter.

Anyhoo, I found these $15 shorts at Target with a knock off print of the Citizens of Humanity jeans I have on my wish list.  And unlike long thick denim, at least I can wear these shorts within the next six months... unless I start working at Sea World.


Friday fave.

"Dance Baby"
China Glaze

Inspired by my TV friends Oprah, KLG and Hoda's "Favorite Things," here is my favorite thing to share with you this week.  Loving this Stepford Wife color!  

*My mom picked this up for me.  Love ya, Mom!


Peg leg.

Mossimo top, Target
Broken-in Straight Khakis, Gap
sandals, Doctor Scholl's
bag, Aldo
initial necklace, Anthropologie
Decker watch, Fossil
Original Wayfarer sunnies, Ray Bans

Here I stand before you in none other than tapered pants.  That's right, folks, I have jumped on the peg leg bandwagon (or french roll, pinch roll, or tight roll in other cultures) after a 20 year hiatus.  Quoting the omniscient Justin Beiber, "Never say never."

Are you digging this trend... again?