Another morbid Friday post.

Featherweight tee, Express
Selby Skirt, StyleMint
Classic Canvas, TOMS
scarf, H&M
Original Wayfarer, Ray-Bans

My mom always made sure we always had clean underwear.  "God forbid you get in a car accident!"

I usually drive Noah to the bus stop in my PJ's, but it was a Dunkin' Donuts morning for me.  And even though I was just going through the drive-thru, I can hear Mom's famous words ringing in my ear.  God forbid I do get in an accident.  I wouldn't want to be lying in a ditch in my PJ's!

I know this isn't the most glamourous look, but at least I could be caught dead in it.  On that note, have a great weekend, everyone! 

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