A blessed Easter morning.

Stamped Dot dress, Anthropologie
Bow belt, Anthropologie
Bubble necklace, Francesca's
Bryleigh wedges, b.o.c. via DSW  

Ah, Easter morning.  The birds are singing.  The good china is set for a lovely Easter spread of homemade bread, eggs and fruit.  The children skip to church dressed in their Sunday best.  (Insert record scratch sound effect.)      

Not at my house.

It's rush the kids through their Easter baskets because we're already late, scarf down a handful of cereal, hog wrestle the kids into Easter outfits, then drag them to church while giving a stern, "God sees all."  Sigh.  Sometimes you have to let the hungry and poor fend for themselves and pray for patience for a solid hour at church.  

An open letter to the hungry and poor:
I'll getcha next week.


  1. Ha ha! We were exactly on time (a.k.a at least 20 minutes late when it's Easter) and left after 35 minutes. Baby standing in back equals rolling on floor or almost running to altar. You guys did well!!
    I wore random dots too! Not as cute as yours though. >:)
    Love all of Noah's photography BTW!!!

  2. hahaha! it took my forever to figure out this was you, jen!