Work it out.

Double Strap Headband, Lucy
Spin Fusion Racerback (with detail), Lucy
Nike Pro Victory Compression sports bra, Nike
Shimano Women's WR31 Road Shoe, Bike Nashbar
Spin Fusion Short, Lucy
Livestrong Pro sports bra, Nike
Nike+ Sportband, Nike
Reebok CrossFit Flex Nano, Reebok

Finally!  There is workout gear exclusively designed for indoor cycling.  Thank you, Lucy for your new Spin Fusion line!  After four months of sitting on my tukas, per my doctor's orders, I am cleared for exercise.  I only did ten minutes on the bike at a moderate pace with flat road tension; honestly, it felt like I ran a marathon.  My endurance is at an all time low... but you have to start somewhere.  Hoping to get eleven minutes in today.  Go me!

I also want to get back into lifting.  I talked to the girl over at a CrossFit gym and will start with a program that is paired down by 60% until my endurance and strength is improved.  I cannot wait for RDL's!  (*Clearly I am joking, Amie!) 

In no time, I will be back to my bad ass self.

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