[Featured Guest: Abby] Haus.

Cool Racerback tank, Lululemon
Astro Wunder Under crops, Lululemon
Nike LunarGlide run shoes
Original Wayferer sunnies, Ray Bans

Silver Bullet Sleeveless Tech tank, Lululemon
Tempo Track run shorts, Nike
Reebok RealFlex Transition training shoes

Like any good little cult member, I have recruited my sister, Abby for CrossFit.  Now, I know she is an athlete.  She practices hot yoga regularly and has run the Malibu Half Marathon.  But I discovered something more to her this week.  My baby sister is a freaking haus.

She had never touched a barbell in her life, yet totally schooled me maxing out at 93 pounds for her push press on day three.  Meanwhile, I have been weightlifting since high school, yet maxed out at only 83 pounds.  Like I said, she's a haus!

Abb and Mom made a haul to our itty bitty Lululemon Showroom (*We need a proper store here, Lulu!) and picked up these cute tanks for us.  The way I see it, if we are going to get ridiculously sweaty, we might as well look hot.

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  1. I completely agree on getting sweaty and looking good doing it! Adorable tanks. I'm loving the sweat clothes fashion post here.