The white outfit vs. spaghetti.

Streaked Horizons tank, Anthropologie
Patch Pocket Cotton Poplin shorts, Loft
Pieced Prism necklace, Anthropologie
Idiom bangle, Kate Spade
Modiste-Summer Madness wedges, Sketchers
Key-per Satchel in "Retro" print, Fossil

Feeling really good about how my arms are looking after only eight CrossFit classes.
It might just be the angle.  It might just be the Instagram filter.  
But considering I've done literally close to 500 push-ups in the past two weeks, 
I'm going to say, "Yay me!"

Went out for date night with my fella this weekend.  After dinner we stopped by the pub for a pint... and played with our iPhones.  Hopeless romantics.  

I decided to pair white on white and highlight my new favorite necklace.  Of course I wanted Italian food and didn't think to throw my Tide to go stick in my purse.  Yikes.  But I am happy to report my outfit escaped unscathed.