I thought not shopping for over two months might give me some sense of clarity.  Shop from my closet.  Work with what I got.

Then one afternoon I went into my Anthropologie.  Clarity gone.  Went bonkers.  Dressing room filled to the brim.

Cerise Stamped Dress (petite)
Belle Bow Belts
Ah, the perfect little Sunday sundress.  My mom demanded I get the yellow belt the dress form was wearing.  No way would I sass back to my mom, so... ok, yellow belt.  But I knew I would be perserverating on the black as well, so... ok, black belt too.  After all, a girl needs options.  

Four Corner Shirtdress
I have been drooling over Summer shirtdresses since watching Emma Stone in The Help.   Love the of the moment hi-lo hem and bright coral of this dress.  I had to size down because of the bust.  Ego boost canceled out by and ego bust (pun intended). 

Ping-Pong Tank
I have had my eye on this darling little ping-pong print blouse, and lemme tell ya, (said a la Oprah) looooove!  The online reviews were mixed.  Some girls said it was too tent-like because they had bigger chests, or it was too cropped.  I knew being flat chested and short waisted would come in handy someday.    

Darlene Dobby Skirt
What can I say, I'm a sucker for a summer skirt.  And in my favorite color of the moment, orangey orange.

Now it's easier to shop from my closet and work with what I got.  Clarity.

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