Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Nail polish inspiration:
In the words of Vikki Gunvalson, "WOO HOO!"  It's premiere night for the RHOOC!  The original classy bunch of housewives return for a 7th season to promote the excessive use of Botox and their horrendous style.

Speaking of horrendous style, I decided to share my favorite picks from the girls' own fashion lines:

First up, is Alexis Bellino.  She has a wide range of price points, so even the gal on a budget can look like an OC Housewife.  Thanks, Alexis!  Always thinking of the poor.  Just like Jesus.
Disguise your Botox bruises
with this bedazzled trucker hat.
Alexis "Diamond" Trucker Hat, Glitzy Bella

Look, Ma!  No bra!
Paparazzi Love It dress, Alexis Couture

Gretchen Rossi is a Jill of all trades.  She dabbles in make-up, hair care, handbags and Auto-Tune.  She is what I call a true Renaissance women.

You can wear these to playgroup.
GC Celebrity Eyelashes

You know what they say,
"The higher the hair..."
HBL Volumizing Package

Dammit!  I missed my chance to own this clutch.  
I really wanted that GCC medallion to show off.
Del Rey Leather Clutch, Gretchen Christine Collection

She sings like a Greek Siren.
Nothing Without You, Gretchen Rossi
Available on itunes

Want a Love Cuff?  Lynne Curtin Designs offers gaudy overpriced OC jewelry.  I have no words.  Lynne also designs doggie accessories, men's leather goods, and (wait for it)... bedding.  Honestly, no words.

"Cuff your Love..."
The Charity, Lynne Curtin Designs.

Thank goodness Lynne designed a similar 
clutch like Gretchen's (above).
Phew!  That was a close one.
Infinity Clutch, Lynne Curtin Designs

Cheers to another Juvaderm-filled season.  "WOO HOO!"


  1. Did you watch last night? I couldn't stay awake.

    1. Of course! Looks like it's going to be a great season!