"Porter couldn't come down to Tea today. Buried himself, had to. Don't you know."

Drop Waist Mini dress, Anthropologie
Boyfriend blazer, Anthropologie (similar)
Intyce boots in Cognac, Steve Madden
Be Mine mini heart studs, kate spade
Idiom bangle, kate, spade
Leoma bangles, Chico's
Charm necklace, Anthropologie (similar)
Holly, my BFF from 4th grade, and I would always use British accents when we would be out in public.  Who knows.  We were 10.  I caught up with her and her sister this Summer and we fell on the floor laughing when we discussed "Porter" and why he couldn't come down to Tea.  Who the heck is Porter and what does any of that mean?  Not a clue.  But we could say it fast with fabulous accents.  Still can.  

Meeting a few girlfriends for High Tea today.  I wonder if Porter will be there...

*OOTD:  That's style blog lingo for "Outfit of the Day."  I feel so ligit.

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  1. i totally read this in a british accent in my head! i remember you saying this one !