Leggings are pants.

Chambray buttondown, J. Crew
leggings, The Limited
Immeasureable Marks Loop scarf, Anthropologie
Intyce boots, Steve Madden
Original Wayfarers, Ray-Ban

On the mend.  I am seven weeks post-op and am able to get out of the Lazy Boy and actually get into "real" clothes.  That is if you consider leggings "real" pants.  And I do.  Still rocking the doctor-issued compression garment for another week or so.  Ok, let's be honest here, girls... it's a girdle.  It sucks, literally.  But at least I can get out of my PJ's once in a while and feel human again.  

So the the question plaguing me now is:  How many outfits can I put together with leggings?


  1. is that in La Jolla? i'm sure they have those walls everywhere.. but just thought i would ask.

    1. Wow! You really know your CA coast! Indeed, it is the breezy bluffs of La Jolla.