Striped Knit dress, Old Navy
Floral Embossed belt, Lucky Brand
Classic Canvas flats, TOMS
Boyfriend watch, Fossil
itty bitty silver locket, (Love, Jeff)
earrings, Forever 21
Original Wayfarer sunnies, Ray Bans
Maybelline "Very Cherry" lipstick

Noah:  "Mom, you've got a mosquito bite on your forehead!"  
Me:  "Thanks, Sweetie.  That would be a zit.  And thank you for pointing it out."  

I'm 34.  I'm not supposed to have to order Proactiv Solution for crying out loud!

I do indeed have a mosquito bite, but that would be on the top of my foot.  So all weekend I was switching between flip flops and sandals, but everything rubbed right on my bite and it itched like crazy!  So I opted for TOMS.  But honestly, I can't wear TOMS beyond 70 degrees.  And although it was unseasonably cool, hovering around 80 today, still my feet got nice and sweaty.  

So other than the bindi on my forehead and having to dump a bottle of baby powder in my shoes, my outfit seemed to resemble a dimwitted Disney sidekick.  

That's right, people... keeping it classy here.

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  1. After visiting Texas all weekend eating and drinking, I feel exactly like Smee.