All day long.

top, Loft
Smocked Button-front Denim skirt, Old Navy
T-strap wedges, Clarks
earrings, Anthropologie
Charm bracelet, Juicy Couture
Original Wayfarer sunnies, Ray Bans

I wore this outfit all day long (you may congratulate me).  It's unusual that I wear an "out of the house" outfit the entire day (unless it's a stay-in-your-pj's day, of course).  Typically I would swap out this skirt and top for a pair of old cheerleading shorts and holey tank as soon as I got home from the grocery store and picking up Noah from school.  

But the kids wanted to play in the backyard beach (i.e. play in the sandbox and swim in the baby pool) and I got sidetracked digging my toes in the sand and chasing bubbles.  I was talking to my mom on the phone and, SURPRISE... Noah had a T-ball game we totally forgot about.

Between rinsing out Noah's uniform, packing up snacks for the game, getting everyone dressed, fed and ready to go to the ball park, I forgot to change.  I thought to myself, "Can I wear this to T-ball?"    

Sidenote:  Good thing I talked to my mom... Coach pitched a few balls to the kids during the game and Noah had his first big hit of the season!  Woo hoo!

And yes, I did, indeed, wear the same skirt two days in a row.  That is why Downy fabric refresher was invented.


  1. i love that you admitted to wearing the same skirt 2 days ;) makes the rest of us feel normal!
    ps: Way to go Noah!!

  2. I'm all about validation. Honestly, my clothes can walk to the hamper on their own at times.