Hang ten.

courtesy of Free People blog.

I want to be a surfer girl.  I don't know why, but I have been on such a surf kick lately.  Maybe it's all the Beach Boys music I have been listening to, but I want to wake up each morning, down a protein shake, wax up my board and hit the waves.  Afterwards, I'll stop by the local coffee shop for a brew and bagel.

But I got sea sick the last time I attempted surfing nine years ago in Hawaii.  And I live in the desert.  So this fantasy is just that... a fantasy.  I'll just order a few swimsuits and bleach my hair instead.

Retro bikini top and shorts, Boden USA
Vivacious bikini, Anthropologie


  1. too bad we aren't moving to hawaii.. you could come hang till you mastered surfing. Garrett is determined to surf in Jax.. and you are always welcome to join him!! :)
    i always drool over the surfer girls in "Title Nine" and "Athletica" magazines....

  2. Oooo super cute swim suits. Did you buy them?

    1. so cute, right?! hoping at least 1 works.