Chop chop.

Curse you, Arizona, and your 100 degree temps!  You always send me into the maelstrom of the ongoing long vs. short debate in my head.

I loved my hair super short, but I do like being able to pull my hair back into a pony tail.  I love having a "style" when it's short, but like the "styling" diversity with longer hair.

Sigh... dilemas, dilemas.

1.  Diana & Jennie's piecey bob.
2.  Gwenyth's sleek long bob.
3.  Nicole's perfect bangs.
4.  Sienna's Factory Girl pixie.
5.  Sarah's rocker chop.

What's your vote?


  1. I really like the piecey bob! Your hair looks great both ways, definitely hard decision. :)

  2. you know what i say.. go for it! you told me to! ;) i like jennie's hair :) i am Loving my hair short again! and there is style to it. head bands are in and still cute with short hair. love a little bobby pin too.

  3. Grow it! You can rock a ponytail for a few months and then you will have fun with the long hair this fall.