Knock it off.

top, Urban Outfitters
shorts, Target
flip flops, Reef
earrings, Aldo
Idiom bangles, Kate Spade (*Thanks Mom!)
sunnies, Anthropologie

Fake-out 15 second top knot.

Floral Thompson
by Citizens of Humanity jeans,  Anthropologie

As a rule, I try not to spend $185 for a pair of jeans.  And I have reservations about spending that much on a trendy floral print, especially at the start of the Summer season.  I'm not one of those crazy-ass people you see wearing jeans and a black turtleneck sweater in mid June when it's 108 degrees.  I figure those people must work at Sea World in the Penguin Encounter.

Anyhoo, I found these $15 shorts at Target with a knock off print of the Citizens of Humanity jeans I have on my wish list.  And unlike long thick denim, at least I can wear these shorts within the next six months... unless I start working at Sea World.

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