Mr. Green Jeans

center:  AG Stevie ankle jeans, Anthropologie
clockwise:  Pocket and Some Swing tee in blue, Fluttered Hem tee,  Sailboats Boyfriend tee by Pilcro, Dotline Boatneck, Racer tank, black and white striped tee (Similar) (*The Gap),  Draped Snail tank, Washed Chambray Buttondown, Slubby Scoopneck, Every Saturday tee, Tarpan Buttondown in red motif.
Anthropologie (unless indicated *)
I have been wearing pj's for a solid 3 weeks as I recover from my surgery.  So I literally have been dreaming up outfit combos to wear when I'm back in action.  I'm obsessed with my favorite new pair of jeans.  And when I think of green as a neutral, I find I can get more creative with what to pair together.  Just call me Mr. Green Jeans!  (That reference just pin-pointed my age.)

Outfit inspiration:
Mr. Green Jeans, "Captain Kangaroo"
This is a pic my sister sent seconds after I posted this entry.  "Coincidence?"  Great style runs in the family.
Abby, in her green AG Stevies, enjoying today's blog entry. 

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