Mollie's Denim Challenge

J Brand Bette, Anthropologie
1969 legging jeans, The Gap
Boyfriend fit mended jeans, Eddie Bauer
AG Stevie ankle in green, Anthropologie
Of course jeans are my "go to" item in my closet for playgroup.  And I try to wear them as much as I can in our blip of a Winter here in AZ.  I don't have to tell you how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans.  But I think I might have had a breakthrough this year.  

The challenge:  Find the perfect pair of jeans.
The challenger:  Mollie.  
Stats:  Short legs, a Hungarian buttski, and residual gymnastics/cheerleading thighs.

High rise flares:
I love the 70's vibe and the classic, yet modern shape of J Brand's Bette.  I pulled them on and thought I was dreaming because there was no gap in the waistband.  This has never happened to me since the days of Oshkosh B'gosh and their genius elastic waist.  Lord knows I grew out of size 6x long ago, but I digress.  There was about 8 extra inches of fabric I was tripping over at the ankles.  I paid a pretty penny for these and didn't want to screw up the hem.  So after a quick trip to my tailor, voila!  Denim perfection. 

I hate "skinny jeans."  The name alone is evil and makes me want to eat chocolate cake.  And certainly no amount of duct tape was going to get my fat athletic calves and thick denim fabric squeezed into my super cute new boots.  So started my hunt for skinny jeans.  Well, look no further than the 1969 legging jean, girls.  The Gap's answer to pajama jeans.  They aren't traditional denim fabric, but more of a soft knit and oh so comf.  Yup, folks.  I am a proud owner of jeggings.

Boyfriend jeans:    
I love to pair something really feminine with schlubby boyfriend jeans because I love the juxtaposition of the two.  I decided to give Eddie Bauer a go after I struck out at every other place.  Well, kudos to Eddie Bauer on these!  I love the extra details of the patches, paint splatters and stitch work.  I had to alter these at the waist, but overall a happy purchase.

Technicolor jeans:
I really wanted to jump on the colorful jeans bandwagon this season.  They are so fun and unexpectedly easier to pair as a neutral than you think.  I so heart the AG Stevies!  And I got a smokin' deal when I found them in the Anthro sale room (plus I had my 15% birthday coupon).  Score!  I had to take the waist in with these, but they fit everywhere else perfectly.  I have been known to wear these 4 days in a row.  Don't judge me.  Tip:  Spray a bit of Downy Wrinkle Reducer on them and you will smell April fresh.

Happy shopping, girls!

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