Sporty Spice

Find these sassy "Mom Uniform" pieces at Nike, Lucy, Lululemon & Athleta.
Running shoes.
Yoga pants.
Tee shirt.
Ball cap. 

The essential pieces to the "Mom Uniform."  But you don't have to feel schlubby.  I like to perk up my uniform with pops of color and unexpected details.  The goal is to make it look effortless.  Like you are totally energized and balanced from that yoga class you just left.  When really you didn't have time to shower to get those pesky Cheerios out of your hair, the dog ate the baby's favorite blankie and your son just missed the bus to school.  Namaste.   

So as you put on your uniform this morning, take that minute for yourself and change it up.  Add a pop of color instead of head to toe black.  Or go bold and pair a color combo (my new fave, orange and green).   Or swap out your college hoodie for a tailored zip-up.  Choose a feminine cut rather than that old boxy tee.  Try a tennis dress or running skirt instead of shorts (your legs will look awesome!).  Braid your hair or put on a cute headband instead of a hat.  Dab some clear lip gloss on your cheeks and lips, and you are ready to take on the world... or at least library storytime.  

*My friend Jen, confessed to wearing running shoes to her playgroup this week.  It's ok, Jen.  I just hope you didn't wear them with bootcut jeans like Mrs. Ben Affleck.  

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