The First Post

Brandi could wear that dress to playgroup.  But I would accessorize with a bra and undies.

Sigh.  The first post.  Every blog's gotta have one.  Just warning you, this one might be a bit incoherent.  It could be because I am on copious amounts of pain meds from having surgery last week and thought it would fun to start a blog at 9:00pm on a Tuesday night.  But here goes nothing.

I already have a blog.  It's just like all the other "family" blogs out there:  Look how cute my kids are!  Look at all the fun family trips we took!  Look how skinny I got after having a baby!  And even though all of those are quite true (except one), it just felt like such a facade.  Look at me using a 5th grade vocabulary word!

This blog is about the tough questions I face as a gal who refuses to lose her groove.  I may be a PTO volunteer and playgroup leader but that doesn't mean I want to dress the part.  Somebody throw a paper bag over my head if you ever catch me in saggy-bottomed tapered chinos, a schlubby lavender crew neck tee, washed-out hair in a scrunchie and (look away, I'm hideous)... running shoes.  You know, that lady you stood behind at Target today with her kids and forgot all about her and her forgettable look.    

I'm not a stylist.  I don't pretend to be one either.  But I have always liked playing "dress-up."  And I love to shop.  It's my vice.  We all have one.  And we all have that nagging question we ask ourselves while shopping.  Mine is, you guessed it, "Can I wear that to playgroup?"  This blog is my little project I will use to answer this burning question and more.  It's just for fun, and we will see where this goes.  In the meantime, I need to attend to the RHOBH (that's the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for those of you under that rock).

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