The Hunger Games

 Mollie's fake eyelash crush:
Elizabeth Banks as 'Effie Trinket' in Deer & Butterfly Eyelashes, Sephora
I wasn't a huge fan of the tween angst vampire trend.  I went to see the midnight release of one of the movies, but it was merely a social thing.  Wanting to get out with my girlfriends to eat popcorn and Raisinets, rather than to swoon over jailbait Bop magazine hunks.

However, I did get bit by The Hunger Games bug (by Suzanne Collins).  Breezing through the novels, counting down to the first Hollywood rendition of the books, and getting super excited over the potential for nail polish inspired by the hoop-la.  There was an OPI collection for The Muppets, so why not?

Well of course they are going to cash in on fashion conscious book worms such as myself!  I want Riveting and Smoke and Ashes.
China Glaze's Colours from the Capitol, nail polish inspired by The Hunger Games
How cute is this?!  Some Hunger Games fans over at thehob.org did their homework and connected the dots.  The 12 colors represent each of the 12 Districts and their specialties.
District 1:  Luxe and Lush  (Luxury)
District 2:  Stone Cold  (Masonry)
District 3:  Riveting  (Technology)
District 4:  Hook and Line (Fishing)
District 5:  Electrify  (Power)
District 6:  Fast Track  (Transportation)
District 7:  Mahogany Magic  (Lumber)
District 8:  Dress Me Up  (Textiles)
District 9:  Harvest Moon  (Grain)
District 10:  Foi Gras  (Livestock)
District 11:  Agro  (Agriculture)
District 12:  Smoke and Ashes  (Mining)

(Source: All things nail polish www.alllacqueredup.com, and all things Hunger Games thehob.org)

I wonder what Cinna would wear.


  1. this is great!! loved the books too. and i actually read them all really fast as well.. go us!

    1. perhaps it's because they were written for junior highschoolers. eh, whatevs. thanks for the blog love! miss you!
      *\o/* -molls