I'm bringing culottes back.

Nicoleta Blouse in ivory, Anthropologie
(similar belt), Anthropologie
Wind Garden Culottes, Anthropologie
These Anthropologie shorts caught my attention more than once, but I wasn't sure because they are kind of "out there."  Well, if we're being honest, they aren't shorts, they're culottes.  But I liked the quirkiness and they reminded me of something Allie Calhoun (from The Notebook) might wear.  My sister, with her commitment to honesty, made a face when I stepped out of the dressing room.  But the Black Friday extra 25% off madness got the best of me so I bought these quirky culottes and this sweet little blouse.  With a bit of defiance I said to myself, "I'm bringing culottes back."

I went to the Ritz with my sister and best friend (who is my playgroup co-leader) for dinner and a slumber party that weekend.  With a smidge of certitude, I paired my Black Friday culottes with my new blouse, navy tights, oxford heels, a belt, and finished off my look with cherry red lips.  I thought I looked pretty darn cute for our fancy dinner.  My sister agreed.  (Mini party in my head and confidence boost.)

That's right, people.  I'm bringing culottes back.

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