After Plaited tank, Anthropologie
Darlene Dobby skirt [petite], Anthropologie
T-strap wedges, Clarks
Dalton Posts earrings, Anthropologie (*Thanks Abby!)
Say yes "Cheers" necklace, Kate Spade
Decker watch, Fossil
Sephora lipstick in "It girl"


This blog has been liberating for me.  It is giving me a creative outlet and an escape from the everyday humdrum of a stay-at-home mom.

I like to debate serious issues, but also enjoy a healthy dose of all things frivolous.  I watch the Today show to keep up on world news and current events, then cheers with Kathie Lee and Hoda the fourth hour while they gab about Miley Cyrus's engagement.  It's all about balance.  And Miley is way too young.  But Liam is a total dreamboat (read: jailbait), so I get it.

Blogging can be validating, yet on the other hand, it can make me feel completely vulnerable.  I am having fun while I'm writing and editing photos.  Then as soon as I click PUBLISH, the negative thoughts seem to always surface:

I don't look skinny enough in those pictures.  People probably think, "She really let herself go."  Ugh, my thighs!  Do people think I'm full of myself because I'm posting my outfits?  I wish I had something new to wear.

Then I remind myself why I'm blogging:  it's just for FUN, Mollie!

Nope, I'm not tall and skinny... I'm short and I like to eat spaghetti.  Sure, I let myself go... but those two kiddos were totally worth it, and the spaghetti was too.  I will never have stick straight legs.  My thighs touched when I weighed 111 lbs... but my legs are strong and athletic.  I look totally cute today... and this IS a personal style blog, after all.  No, I don't have sponsors giving me new shoes and bags and jewelry to blog about...  (Wait.  Why don't I have sponsors?  Whatevs.)  I wear what I love.  And what would Jeff and I have to fight about if I didn't go shopping?

So I guess a little vulnerability is a good thing.  It forces you to grow, to reflect, to learn about yourself.  And gives you something to blog about.


  1. I'm a huge fan of that skirt, I tried it on one day. But they didn't have my size left. Looks great on you!

  2. mols! you made me cry! i think you look fabulous.. in all your cute clothes and in your (we aren't as young as we once were) body! i never think otherwise when i look at your pics. i love your whity comments... though it makes me miss you so much! continue to blog and be vulnerable. on the other hand.. i will play my role and validate your feelings. i feel the same way when i blog ;) love you!

  3. Awesome blog Mols! You have an amazing sense of personal style and at 25 I feel like I'm still trying to find mine. You are inspiring to quit being a frumpalina and maybe blog too. Your "voice" rocks as much as your style and I bet you'll be noticed soon!

  4. Thanks for the love, girls!


  5. Alyson Funari Kuhn6/11/2012

    There were moments reading that where I thought you may have read my mind. I struggle with self image like all women, but my son was more than worth it, my husband says I'm beautiful, and FINALLY I am comfortable in my own skin ( or my great clothes.......whatever)!! Thanks, and that's a great skirt :)